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Episode 6

Andrew and Paul are back from a short hiatus to discuss some happenings from the first few weeks of Spring Training 2014, with thoughts on Cole Hamels’ setback, the Phillies prospects for 2014 (or lack thereof), how the Pirates have done to repeat on their 2013 success, the interesting storylines of the upcoming regular season, Bud Selig’s last hurrah, and the Orioles’ signing Ubaldo Jimenez.

Episode 5


Andrew and Paul have picked up the pieces and moved on from A-Rod’s suspension, instead talking about Masahiro Tanaka joining the Yankees, Grant Balfour going home, Matt Garza and the Brewers’ (lack of a) plan, and recapping the careers of newly-retired Michael Young and Lance Berkman.  As a bonus, Paul rants about Bobby Abreu returning to the Phillies.